What We Believe: Faith Harvest Church is an RCA Church

 Reformed Church in America

Congregations can be found in many shapes, sizes and settings: large or small, informal or formal, traditional or contemporary, urban or rural. Each exists to welcome others into a community of people who are worshipping Christ, growing in faith, and serving their neighbors.

RCA Logo
Reformed Church in America
As a Reformed Church,

Faith Harvest Church is a member of the  Reformed Church of America, which is democratic in government, Christ-centered and Bible-based in its beliefs, founded on the principle that we are “reformed (i.e., continually being changed) according to the Word of God”.

Value Statement

We share the biblical truths that transform lives:

  • God’s Word is the foundation for our faith.
  • Jesus is the only way of salvation.
  • The Holy Spirit compels us to make disciples and share the Christian experience with others.