About Us

Come be with an authentic family!

Authenticity is one of our values at Church of the Master, which means you are encouraged to come as you are.  We also value an inter-generational family, which means we exist to be a blessing to our surrounding community – children, teens, young adults and old adults.  We don’t have a prescription for the perfect Church.  We just want to be real with each other and with you, and we welcome feedback for how today’s Church can thrive in today’s world.

Come dream with us about how to reach out to the lost.  Come worship with us and pray about how others can experience God.  Come transform with us as we continue to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

From our pastor, David Mayer


March 27, 2017

Dear friends and members of “Church of the Master”,

You may or may not be aware that Church of the Master is embarking on re-naming our Church. The new name, FAITH HARVEST CHURCH will take effect Sunday morning, April 16, at our 11:00 a.m. Community Easter worship service. For those who have not been here for a while or are new to the neighborhood, consider this letter an official invitation to come check us out! We look forward to a special skit by our neighborhood children that day and some other special things to help launch our new name.

We believe the new name is a better fit for our neighborhood and future vision God is calling us to… “For the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (NIV). There is so much work to be done in the Detroit metro area, and indeed, we are a small mass of people. The good news is that God has been blessing our efforts and we are confident that God is calling us to move our ministries forward on the corner of Schoenherr and Castle Ave.

You may find yourself asking… What will be different? What will be the same? We can not fully answer those questions completely since God’s future is always emerging, but we can be specific in some areas:

Here is what we believe is NOT changing: Our commitment to loving our neighbors is stronger than ever. Many of you are aware for example that our parsonage house, “Harvest Haven”, is becoming a refuge for the lost and disadvantaged. A food pantry located in the “Harvest Haven” basement has been made available on third Tuesdays along with a free lunch at the church. We are establishing a clothes pantry, and three bedrooms upstairs provide a safe warm haven for guests who God brings to us. Our PNO (Parent’s Night Off) is still going strong on first Friday nights, and we continue to build our Sunday morning children’s and teen programming. Our new worship leader, Melanie Rutherford has been engaging us through the work of the Spirit at our 11:00 a.m. service and we are seeing more visitors show up on Sundays.

One thing we hope will be different in the near future is becoming fiscally strong enough to support a full-time pastor. As we pray about this and other goals, it is impossible to sum up in one single letter what God is doing at “Faith Harvest Church”. Therefore, we simply encourage you to come and see!


Rev. David Mayer

What to Expect

Alter in the sanctuary at Church of the Master

What are services like?

Services are relaxed and friendly; a time of praise followed by a message exploring what it means for us to be the family of God in our world today.

What is the community like?

A friendly, caring community that has a heart of compassion for the hurting and lonely people living all around us.

What if I’m not a Christian?

You are more than welcome to come and be a part of any of our programs or activities. As a small church we know that we must partner with anyone willing to help us feed the hungry, care for the homeless, stand up for the poor and reach out to the lonely.

What We Believe: Faith Harvest Church is an RCA Church

 Reformed Church in America

Congregations can be found in many shapes, sizes and settings: large or small, informal or formal, traditional or contemporary, urban or rural. Each exists to welcome others into a community of people who are worshipping Christ, growing in faith, and serving their neighbors.

RCA Logo
Reformed Church in America
As a Reformed Church,

Faith Harvest Church is a member of the  Reformed Church of America, which is democratic in government, Christ-centered and Bible-based in its beliefs, founded on the principle that we are “reformed (i.e., continually being changed) according to the Word of God”.

Value Statement

We share the biblical truths that transform lives:

  • God’s Word is the foundation for our faith.
  • Jesus is the only way of salvation.
  • The Holy Spirit compels us to make disciples and share the Christian experience with others.